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check it out...

2009-01-08 23:50:00 by SILENTnightZFX

IM FINALY GETING AN Xbox 360!!!!!!!!!! yeah!!! Ive been waiting for so long to get one but im gunna get it soon.......Oh yeah check it out i got a reply from egoraptor:

At 12/24/08 1:10 AM, SILENTnightZFX wrote:
wow, I feel like a noob, I never knew you were a saix fan............ a fellow fan of the "luna diviner".
I don't know what to say other than: thanx for all the laughs you given this poor emo.... please make a redux of the easter egg were you ask for flash help. that was funny!

I'm not a Saix fan, that page on my site is a joke.


my responce: oh, sorry for my stupidty,(yes i did say holy crap egoraptor responded, judge me if you want.) I Dont mean to gush but, you make me laugh, and i thank you greatly. To be honast If I coudent laugh or love(my girlfriend) I'd be dead.


I know its old but.......

2009-01-02 20:51:01 by SILENTnightZFX

I know its old but, resently I started playing guitar hero, and I've herd how hard "Through the fire and flames" is, so I youtube'd it ----

/* */
----I don't care if it's a bot or not, I saw this and said quote unquote: "holy cock licking mother of blow jobs" If you can do that you have obviously never even seen the sun you've been in your basment since you were 3 months old playing this fucking song. Or this fucking insanity (fucking insanity) I dont think a turbo controler could get those streeks.

new poem!

2008-12-24 00:09:24 by SILENTnightZFX

/* */
Ok I've got a new one I call it birds of a feather--or sly tounges slither

"I will fall for you,like I always do,
because of my never ending love for you,
my blood will flow true forever,
because we are birds of a feather.
Untainted and pure my blood will flow,
because people don't need to know: how much I love you, and you know it's true.
because we are birds of a feather now and forever never to whither as sly tounges slither.
People are mean as I'm unseen,
the same people who try to intervine,
they think I'll never hear,
but you're my eyes and ears.
I love you baby, you know I do,
you love me for me and I love you for you,
because we are birds of a feather,
now and forever,
never to whither as sly tounges slither...

I'm not normaly an @$$ hole but the last poem I wrote to get into a $/ut named kirsten pants, it really ment nothing.

but this girl, brittany, wow, I really love her, and I have since, 5 days after we met. ^-^
I read the poem to her and she said she felt the same way about me. ^o^
now im posting it here so the peeps who come to my page can give me feed back.
so please tell me what ya think.("sly tounges slither" sounds like it could be a billy talent song.)

I randomly made these guy up in shop class. ^-^
watch this--->

new poem!

that girl i wrote the poem to is a hateful, evil, skunt who needs to get hit by a cab she called.
Im back with my old girl friend who actualy loves me and wants me around, and doesent try to kill me with A QUAD!!!!! all in all i do love brittany, im not just tyring to fuck her like i was kirsten.


Im scared....

2008-12-17 01:59:04 by SILENTnightZFX

im really scared, i think she really loves me........... im not ready for that, you guys should read the poetrie shes done for me, im scared. booldy love, ____(my name) they sound so heartfelt. so I rote always in the darkness:--
"Im always in the darkness, trying to be alone, but you know i love you, never to be disowned,
the things you say, the shit you do, the things I love to here from you. the pain you cause me, to show you love me, is not to far from my eyes, for me to see, I dedicate this poem to you, because of all the things you do and to say, that i love you,
shadows are my freind, always to the end, my wounds never mend, always in the darkness, to be were I belong,
always in the darkness, to be were im alone."
--. ......please tell me what you think of my poem.
I could really use some positive feed back...... and if you don't like it, tell me how I can make my writing
better... but all-in-all Im scared.

Im scared....

no one...

2008-12-05 16:57:28 by SILENTnightZFX

No one gives a shit, and i got over it!
And i got a new girl so im happy. ^-^
how do you like my new avi?

no one...

cant say i didnt see it coming....

2008-12-02 00:00:01 by SILENTnightZFX

well we broke up, im not gunna lie she broke up with me.
I thought I was heartless, but i cryed.
dont say its gay cause its not, i learnd my lesson i'll never give my heart again....T-T

you know, crying for the first time in 5 years felt good,
and im not talkin about some "pussy" that hurt cry.
im talkin about a real emo break down. afterwards all i wanted to do was cry.
it felt so good. i tried to cry some more later on, to be honest.

think about this, she absolutly loved my fingers & tounge & and the shithe of my sword,
and she almost coudent handle my dick!! AHahaha lol made her whimper and say stop,
and i didnt even go that hard(yes this is after i eased her in to it.)(i can hardly get condoms on ^-^)
her loss right? lol

oh yeah!!!

2008-11-17 21:26:59 by SILENTnightZFX

on the 10th
Ok, so my plans for haloween were interupted by darkdamsel's parents,
but its ok cause we got to "hang out" on the 10th,
and I GOT LAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
15 & clit lick'n mother F###er.

on the 16th
today in a ravine we got finger fendliy after skool.
all in all I had fun ^-^

on the 17th
i got to have S.E.X. for lunch to day ^-^.
that wus fun and tasted good! :)
it was kind of funny when this girl that sits
beside me asked why i was late to get back
to skool, lol.


2008-10-24 18:37:29 by SILENTnightZFX

for any any one who might actualy come to my page:
im not EMO!!!!!!! yeah!!!!!

so now im gunna ask......

tell me your fetish ^-^ (futanari; you don't like it kike it I don't fucking care what you think of me anymore bitch!!!)

the Apprentice.


I lol'd so hard.

2008-08-22 15:06:31 by SILENTnightZFX

I found this pic on google wy'll I wuz sutding the rules of the internet(inspierd by igott's 84th post)
I couldent help my self, I whanted anybody who comes the my page to see it.
So here it iZ. ^-^

P.S: I found a better list of the rules, but I dont wanna rip him off(him = igott)\

(the 34th rule of the internet states that if it egsistest there is porn of it with the exseption of rule 35 witch states that if porn of some thing cant curntly be found,
it will be made soon.)

I lol'd so hard.