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New faivrout Character!!!

2009-06-22 15:37:57 by SILENTnightZFX

If you don't Already know, Vandheer is the king in the game "Armed With Wings".
His powers are Dope his "Running won't save you now" atitude is just Tropical.
and he's dark as a wraith, he sweet, If any of you guys have herd of mugen you'll know what Im talking about when I say I want his sprite sheet.


New faivrout Character!!!


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2009-07-04 16:21:22

i woot to this picture

SILENTnightZFX responds:

thx, i had multiple screenys, i thought this one was best


2010-11-22 21:28:15

OMG!!! Vandheer Lorde is my favorite character in Armed with Wings. He is a badass. A mugen char of him would be epic.