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I didnt wanna do Science....

2009-05-27 22:46:36 by SILENTnightZFX

I drew this a cupple of day ago, i totaly forgot i hade a scaner til 10 mins ago so here is my vamp chick,

P.S. the wing was intended to be folded over it mess up though woops.

I didnt wanna do Science....


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2009-05-27 23:24:48

what the hell is this crap??

(Updated ) SILENTnightZFX responds:

Hey Bazooka"jack"(douche) I'd love to see your work and i'd love to see you do better, I spent 20 mins on this drawing, fuck you to.


2009-05-27 23:43:43

I reminds me of someone...

SILENTnightZFX responds:

has kind of a lucy diclonius(I spelled that wrong) look yo her doesnt she


2009-05-27 23:57:22

nice work. pen?

SILENTnightZFX responds:

thank you, and yes black fountain pen for the picture & a blue one for signing it.

P.S. all the things i draw i put silent night on them.