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2009-05-15 18:47:00 by SILENTnightZFX

I thought this was a funny pic and I need Photoshoping practice so im coloring it, and this is what I have so far.....

(Exsamine diferences)

I smoothed out the textures on on Zoey's hair, medi pack, jacket & sweet ass, and i started to color the witch and and fixed her blush, Tell me how im dond so far, peace....



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2009-05-17 03:27:30

i hate elevators.........i hate helicopters.........i hate hospitals...........i hate zombies...........i dont hate raping inatimate objects XD woot!!!! anyways babe this photoshoppingmyjigger your doin looks pretty fuckin sweet!

SILENTnightZFX responds:

Well thank ya' baby


2009-05-17 23:25:52

I love this post u should see my post!!!!!!!!!

SILENTnightZFX responds:

will do bro'